I love to guide/fish in my 20' custom made Lake Assault boat which has a 90 horsepower Honda 4 stroke on it. The boat which is very roomy, has ample space for 3-4 adults or a family. There is a lot of fun to be had on my boat. My fishing experience of 30+ years of Mille Lacs Lake is central Minnesota. I have learned to fish for walleye in many different ways. I will fish whatever it takes to catch them. I am very good at fishing with spinners with nightcrawlers, leeches or minnows. I have tied my own spinners for years. I love to fish a plain hook and sinker also and I have a lot of years fishing with plugs. It is a lot easier to catch them out here because of the color of the water for shallow water fishing. I have fished for years in 20' - 40' of water once it hits mid June until October, which is a very good time of the year to catch bigger sized fish. Enjoy a guided day of walleye fishing on Oram Dam in my 20' Lake Assault Custom Boat.

 You can fish trout in the Black Hills in many different lakes on your own just using a bobber with a worm or power bait. Roosters Bait store is available with any bait you need. There are no closed dates in South Dakota for fishing.

Rates for guided fishing

$300 p/day for 2 adults

$375 p/day for 3 adults or a family.

All equipment is furnished.